At iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd, we truly believe that your career success is the backbone of our organization. iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd offers global staff augmentation solutions to recruit in North America, Europe and Asia. This allows our clients to deal with a single company with central governance for all of their needs whether they are completely local or multinational. Our unique model works much like a local company with a global outreach. Our recruitment engine fulfills needs in arenas such as IT, Engineering, Clinical and Scientific staffing.

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  • A metrics-driven approach provides a dashboard view to our customers so that they can gauge our performance and obtain an analytical view of their own staffing practices, trends and the costs of hiring.
  • The iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd recruitment practice is powered by a unique engine and supported by a specialized methodology. This engine works like a 24x7 assembly line that delivers quality, speed and low cost of hire (translating to cost saving for customers). This is entirely different from traditional recruitment practices.
  • Our talent pools represent our proactive approach. We use new-age techniques such as social media and viral buzz to attract world-class talent to our pools.

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  • At iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd, we truly believe that your professional success is the backbone of our organization.
  • Join our community and be part a of the iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd family.
  • iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd recruits for a full spectrum of skill sets including Scientific, Clinical, IT, Administrative and more.
  • The iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd global presence allows us to service companies all across the world.
  • Please visit our recruitment pages for IT, Scientific and Clinical staffing to find out more about what is on offer at iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd.
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