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To maximize your target audience, mobile app should run on all the mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Thus many choose hybrid app development, which provides the user experience and functionality of native apps with the multi-platform compatibility of mobile web apps. In hybrid app development, instead of recoding the app for each mobile platform, main part of app's code is written in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, thus giving them the ability to reuse it across multiple mobile operating systems. iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd, being a leading

hybrid mobile app development

company, delivering performance oriented hybrid apps to global clients.

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Hybrid App Development @ iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd
iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd provides complete end to end hybrid mobile app development solutions. We combine the power of HTML5 development with the latest mobile device frameworks, such as PhoneGap and Sencha, to create native looking apps for all the major mobile platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. We have expert resources for HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and ensure high quality through closely-knit QA team.
The recent study says that more than 35% of developers prefer to create hybrid apps. As per mobile and wireless news posted on Gartner Research, by 2018 more than 50% of mobile apps deployed, will have used cross-platform development tools. Hence developing a hybrid app can certainly be a great business decision.
Ways to develop hybrid apps.
  • Web View Apps - Codes created in HTML, CSS, JavaScript runs in an internal browser called web view, which is wrapped in native app. Some of the native APIs gets exposed to JavaScript through this wrapper.
  • Complied Hybrid Apps - In compiled

    hybrid mobile development

    , the code is written in a single language like c# or JavaScript and is compiled to native code for the supporting platforms.
Benefits of Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • Cross-platform / multi-platform development
  • Use of open source technologies
  • Provides more access to device features and capabilities
  • Software Downloadable and installable, need not to browse it
  • Improved performance
  • Possess native functionality
  • Highly interactive and impressive user interfaces
  • Cost-effective
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