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Mobility solutions are considered as part of the most disruptive technological innovation in today's business world. In the past few years, mobile devices have grown from just enabling business emails and data on the move, to introducing capable mobile applications that changed the way, companies do business. iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd has been consistently working on top mobility solutions for enterprise to connect, convey and execute by offering

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enterprise mobility management

, enterprise strategy framework.

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mobility solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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Growth of mobile technology over last 5 years has made enterprises sure that enterprise mobility solutions are no more a luxury. Rather it's a part of strategy to grow faster. iTechizen Global Pvt Ltd offers end-to-end enterprise wide mobility solutions, which can help customers adopt mobility and benefit from its transformational power to drive business towards growth. We offer full spectrum of services - consulting, design, development, support services, to develop holistic solutions that address the mobility needs of our clients' organizations. We accelerate application development and improve our customer's mobile experience with enterprise mobility services platform.
With 6.5 billion people connected with one or more devices, mobility solutions are bound to grow. With advent of NFC, LTE, location services enterprise mobility is set to drive innovation and create new business models with mobility insurance to create a sustainable competitive advantage.
Key business area, where mobility solutions have significant impact
  • Field-force Productivity
  • Workforce Automation
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Consumer Applications - Commerce, Engagement, Service
Why adopt mobility solutions?
  • More Productive Employees - The implementation of BYOD (bring your own device) corporate culture has elevated the creativity among the employees. Entrusting the employees with freedom has worked towards enhancing productivity.
  • More Engaged Customers - Use of mobility solutions for Wi-Fi location services gives your visitors a more personal and convenient experience.
  • More Connected Apps - Enterprise mobility services platform makes it simpler and faster to build mobile apps for your employees and customers.
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